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“India is a strategic market for us”

Stefan Denzler,Managing Director, Testo India Pvt Ltd, speaks to Soumi Mitra on the company’s themes and his vision on Indian market. Excerpts...

What prompted Testo set up its establishment in India and how has been your experience doing business here?

We had several reasons to set up our own subsidiary in India. The main point is to make fully use of the potential in India, as a fast growing developing market. Testo India was established in 2006 and is growing rapidly, as planned. The entry to the Indian market was not easy, as bureaucracy is strong and one needs to build up a lot of relationships. It is important to have the right infrastructure to establish appropriate sales and services, as well as dealers.

How mature is the Indian market today?

The Indian market is very interesting and developing. The mindset of Indian people is changing more and more - to not just procure the cheapest low tech instruments. People are getting more conscious on the quality aspect. We try to educate customers with high quality, reliability, durability products ‘Made in Germany’, which is a quality symbol itself. In India one obstacle is the bureaucratic procurement process, seeking for the cheapest, which is a pretty difficult and long-term process. I think that India needs a lot of improvement in this area. Especially with the objective to be a main player in export, Indian companies need to proof and provide best technology to the world market - in the right time, right quality. And industry does not have time! It is not possible to provide a high-end output with low-end technology. The mentality needs to change.

Tell us about Testo’s presence in other Asian markets.

Testo already has subsidiaries in the other main Asian markets like China, Korea, Japan; they all have started earlier than us in India. Testo is more established there compared to Testo in India. The Testo brand name is already settled in these countries. However, they also had more time; we are working very hard to get the same position in India, in a much shorter period of time. Testo has distributors in all other major markets in Asia.

How do you walk your talk - “We have partners, not customers?”

We believe in long-term partnership with customers. We do not only sell, but also consult and find solutions for our customers. We are application specialists providing solutions for all key applications. Our customers see us as reliable partners, even after sales. We are well-equipped with experts in the field of sales and service.

How has the market responded to your products?

The market was touched by a few competitors before our entry, and we had to prove our state-of-the-art instruments. We are confident to deliver the best instruments and services in India. The response rate is tremendous. There are lots of industrial customers who want to have our devices. At times budgetary processes takes longer time, but we have a lot of good orders in hand from some very popular companies. And this is multiplying very rapidly. Whenever our sales experts demonstrate the benefits and features of our products to prospective customers, they do simply recognise – ‘it’s a Testo’.

Talking about Testo’s motive, ‘Committing to the future’ can you share its future plans to increase its footprint in India?

India is a strategic and potential market for Testo. We have considerable growth and investment plans for India. We are currently building the necessary sales & service infrastructure for penetrating our target groups and cover the main industry centers. We have already considerable capacities to serve our customers directly as well as to build up distributors; however, we will definitely need many more people in the future. We have committed to India – it will be very soon one of the highly industrialised countries, with huge demands of high tech equipment.

How would you describe the competition in your field?

Of course, we are not alone in India. But we believe in looking at ourselves, rather than looking at competition. Testo has a wide range of unique instruments and solutions, for many applications. But we don’t just rely on our products. We focus on our relationship with customers and build partnerships with them. We want to give confidence - a Testo instrument is the best choice!

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